Thursday, July 12, 2012

:: right now ::

We have eaten our weight in berries.

We visited Webb Ranch again today and plan on picking 
every Thursday morning for the rest of the picking season. 
Pure Summer!
(clockwise:sStrawberries, navaho blackberries, ollalieberries, and boysenberries)
We also picked red and yellow raspberries last week but Navaho is the new favorite.
Ironic that they were created at the U of A, my hometown and where Ryan and I met.
Pure Love!!


  1. Oh Yum!! We got used to our daily black berries when we were in NC last week. No where to pick'em around here. Enjoy that lovely bounty!

    1. I HIGHLY suggest putting in thornless plants as soon as you move in. Maybe if I get some boysenberries and navaho to root I can send some to you to take cross country?