Friday, May 20, 2011

Modern Art


  1. Brooklyn,

    Maybe it's the birthday wine, or just the euphoria that preempts our impending move into paradise. Mostly, it's the photos that your Mac flashes in succession of our life together. All these brief moments are the string of events that garland our lives with joy. Photos of Gracie looking with wonder, Emily dressed as an angel, you with your long hair flowing over your face, and the random "food-face" strawberry with pecan lips. These are the images that affirm the value of our life together. To think what has come of that first fateful conversation at Arsaga's Espresso Cafe in 1997, while my dinner grew cold and my admiration of you grew hot. Our life together has evolved in ways we never would have imagined. I thank you for this: for my life, for my daughters, for my existance. I find it astounding what we have done, and now at 35, all I can say is that I am extatic about the next 35... all because of you. Thank you my sweet, my Brooklyn, my center.


  2. Also, your photos win the most highly prized "I wish I'd taken that" award... really great compositions. Really great.