Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Monday Bloody Monday

Oh wait a minute. It's Tuesday!?

I was interviewed for a parenting documentary today (!!) and while starting the day it seemed like a typical Monday morning. Raccoon got into the trash.....guests arriving in a few minutes and I haven't brushed my hair yet...I tried to make myself breakfast and filled the house with smoke....

You know...just a typical Monday...I mean Tuesday.

The interview went well though. We had a good conversation about why people are so stern about their parenting styles being the "best" or the "right way to do things" and why we are so judgmental of other parents if they are doing it differently than us instead of supporting every parent because they are a parent. We do a lot of things differently in our family which may be the reason they wanted to talk to us. It should be interesting!

More to come

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