Friday, October 14, 2011

Tomato LOVE

Our favorites this year:
Chocolate Cherry
Super Sweet 100
Green Zebra
Early Girl
Blush (yellow with blush streaks)
Maglia Rosa (rose with coral streaks)

and of course...
Super Marzano
(which is amazing slow-roasted!!!)

We loved these varieties so much that we saved seeds to start our own seedlings this winter. 
If the average last frost is Feb 11-20 then we should start them six weeks earlier
in the beginning of January. 
I love California! 

The goal for 2012:
Plant 8-10 plants at the community garden and 8-10 plants at home for an early and late crop.
**planting 2 san marzano and 2 early girl at each location**
But knowing our LOVE of tomatoes, we will be lucky to have so few planted. 

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