Friday, November 11, 2011


I am so very thankful for
  1. a full moon to share with Grace as we rocked and she told me pretend stories
  2. a big smile from Emily before the sun rise this morning
  3. a husband that works so hard for us to have the life we do
  4. a house that feels more like home everyday
  5. this season of wonderful weather and amazing produce (persimmons, pomegranate, brassicas!)
  6. the excitement from Em as she talks about everything she sees at the market
  7. the beautiful hummingbirds that love the manzanita flowers blooming now
  8. the rain that helps our garden grow, turns the hills green again, and forces us to slow down a bit
  9. our favorite festival in SF this weekend
  10. a dear friend's baby being born any minute now
  11. this season of thankfulness, family and love

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