Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Happy Happy

23 scientists


2 giddy little girls


1 proud mama


the best Thanksgiving ever!!!

It was a blessing for Ryan to be given beamtime yesterday because it was one of the most memorable days for the entire family. Gracie was so excited to see daddy's work. It was such a "magical" place. Emily was probably one of the youngest to be given a security pass, which she happily chewed on. And the collaborators from around the world hope he always gets beamtime on a holiday so his wife cooks for them again. The only leftover food is Gracie's cranberry sauce! "Maybe Christmas next year?" 
There were SO MANY smiles that honestly...I wouldn't mind xoxo

"Daddy, are you making grass?"

Roasted sweet potatoes with fennel and granny smith apples

roasted brussel sprouts

roasted turkey breasts 


  1. What a beautiful and memorable day for everyone involved. The meal looks wonderful & indeed everyone there is lucky to have had Brook cook for them. (Brook that was a lot of people to cook for, but you always make it look easy even though it's not) This Thanksgiving will be a very special memory for all. I understand that everyone was impressed by Emi's dancing ability. I'm always so very proud of all four of you. Love Mom, AKA Grami & Jan

  2. How very special for all the science team family and Ryan as leader!
    Food and smiles convey it all. Thanks to the parents and scientists who are changing the world!
    Love you, Mama