Thursday, January 26, 2012

Like Mother, Like Child

My little YEASTY BEASTIES! One of my earliest memories as a child was eating popcorn just like this at preschool. It is, by far, our favorite snack. As soon as I turn on the air popper, Emily comes walking as fast as her little legs will carry her, yelling "bopcone, bopcone!" 
Then we all have the biggest smiles as we sit down on the kitchen floor around this huge bowl.

Yummy Yeasty Popcorn:
Pop half a cup of popcorn in an air popper
Heat  a combination of olive oil, butter, unrefined coconut oil (LOVE this oil for cooking and body care)
and three pressed garlic cloves 
Pour over popcorn and sprinkle with
a dash of kelp powder, loaded with minerals
lots of nutritional yeast (found at most health food stores) for protein and B vitamins


  1. You make the best popcorn! Thanks for posting.

  2. Oh yeasty goodness! We eat our popcorn almost exactly the same. We love the yeast, olive oil and a splash of Braggs Amino acids. Yum! Adding kelp is a good idea, too. I'll have to try that.