Sunday, April 15, 2012

Peaceful Journeys

Maggie and Charlie snuggled during the cross country trip from CT to CA.
They preferred the smaller crate to the large one and wanted to be in it at the same time. Now that's love! 

We returned from a wonderful camping weekend at Little Basin with dear friends from our nature awareness community with sun kissed cheeks, no dry shoes or socks, huge smiles on our faces, only to return to a front porch with one kitty missing. Gracie and I decided to take a walk knowing that her time was coming but hoping that it hadn't happened yet. We didn't get to say "goodbye." We walked a bit down the street and found her at a neighbor's house, looking a bit lost. We were so glad we found her but we now know that the time has come. Now comes the decision whether we help her transition into death/afterlife/her next life or if we let nature takes its course. My worry is that in her confusion she may go into the street and end up suffering any pain. Gracie is distraught with the idea of the doctor making a housecall tomorrow but we don't want to lie to her. We want the girls to be part of the process. Life, Love, Death. All three are real. All three are painful. So right now she is tucked into a warm, fuzzy bed. Charlie is laying in front of her house to protect her. I hope she passes peacefully in her sleep. Surrounded by our love. At least now, we have all said "goodbye."