Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Recovery with a New Friend and Some Soup

Gracie had to have her front tooth extracted today. She was such a wonderful patient and didn't complain of any pain. She fell on her bad tooth again last night and chipped it again but was excited that the tooth fairy might bring enough money for her to get that adorable pig at Whole Foods that she has "always wanted." It is actually a warming pad full of lavender but it is a great kids toy. The aromatherapy seems to help her sleep! She loves Charlotte's Web so it's name is Wilbur (Wilburt) I had called this morning to make sure it was still there but asked the man at customer service to leave it on the shelf instead of behind the desk. We arrived a couple of hours later, Gracie with tooth fairy money ($20!!!) in hand and when she spotted him on the shelf there was a note attached that read: "This pig is NOT for sale UNLESS you lost a tooth. Thanks, Whole Foods Market Management." So sweet!
Need less to say, after the visit to the dentist's office we watched Charlotte's Web on the couch, made some tasty soup and cuddled with our new friend. Maybe she'll get another $20 tonight. Who knew the tooth fairy could come two nights in a row?!? Lucky kid!

Tooth Fairy Soup:
mirepoix (onion, carrots, celery)
8 cups chicken broth from the roasted chicken this weekend
1 bunch of purple kale
2 cans chickpeas
one package fresh cheese tortellini

Cook until soft enough for a toothless smile, which you will surely see a picture of soon.

I was worried about that smile leading up to this but it has returned and is too cute. She does this cute little thing where she sticks her tongue in the hole where her tooth used to be while she smiles. It just kills me!

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  1. Oh, she looks so calm and sweet after the trauma!
    I so wish I could give her a big hug (you too) and read some stories to her. Her smile will be wonderful, just like all those adorable 6 year olds!
    Love you...give her a big hug for being such a big girl...from Nana