Friday, February 18, 2011

On Our Bookshelf :: Raising Happiness

Paperback copies of this FABULOUS book are on pre-order now! Order from this link and proceeds go to help the Greater Good Science Center.

I highly recommend this book and Christine is going to be the keynote speaker at the Mother's Symposium as well.

Here are her book's ten simple steps for more joyful kids and happier parents:

Step 1, Put on your own oxygen mask first -- 
Step 2, Build a village -- 
Step 3, Expect effort and enjoyment, not perfection -- 
Step 4, Choose gratitude, forgiveness, and optimism -- 
Step 5, Raise their emotional intelligence -- 
Step 6, Form happiness habits -- 
Step 7, Teach self-discipline -- 
Step 8, Enjoy the present moment -- 
Step 9, Rig their environment for happiness -- 
Step 10, Eat dinner together.

I also recommend taking a look at her BLOG

Take a look at this video clip on happiness and gratitude
How Can YOU Teach Gratefulness?
Keep a gratitude journal (e.g gratitude at the dinner table)
Slow Down and Smell the Roses: Savor the positive (e.g. three good things at bedtime)
Write Gratitude Letters (teachers, family for things they did, not things they gave) 
Have a Growth Mindset (you tried really hard) vs Fixed Mindset (you're smart) 

and  her post about Amy Chua's article Tiger Mother

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