Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Today's Bouquet

Thank you honey for the lovely bouquet. 
My favorite roses, just like our first date. and just like our wedding day! 

And I love that they are sitting next to Silly Strawberry toothpaste!

We had a lovely Valentine's supper at home last night. Better than any restaurant because the girls were with us. We had chicken poached in peach salsa, quinoa and "I love you" salad (see below) with chocolate lava cake and Veuve Clicqout Rose. This was our first time having champagne with Gracie so she had pomegranate juice in a flute as well. It was so fun toasting our love for each other. 

I Love You salad:
farmer's market greens
artichoke hearts
hearts of palm
cilantro dressing

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