Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Homemade Christmas

I am starting to think of Christmas gifts (gasp) because I would like to make as many of our gifts as possible this year. I am limiting the number of gifts to the girls and family so that what we give is more meaningful and deliberate. I would love to use this advice and only have three or four gifts for the girls. It seems appropriate as Gracie is only three and an exuberant amount of gifts is exhausting and mind-numbing and I don't like spending all Christmas day opening presents.

It would be great if I could get together with some friends to make some crafts and socialize a bit. Two things I am craving right now.

So let me know if it is something YOU would be interested in as well. I have some gift ideas in mind already. What are you making for loved ones this holiday season?


  1. This isn't quite what I think you're imagining, but I did "makeit plates" with kashi and jasper veer -- you get a kit and special paper that the kids can draw on or do hand prints, etc. We did this for both of the grandmothers -- jasper scribbled, kashi wrote his name, and both put their hand prints on it. I think the grandmothers are going to love it. I'm still trying to decide what we're going to do for aunts, uncles and cousins. I might do some nice photo prints and have kashi paint the frames...

  2. I love the link, Brook! Although it won't quite fit under "Want, Need, Wear, Read"... making Christmas ornaments might be fun. Can just set up a big craft table (clay, paint, fabrics, glue, beads, string, pasta, etc) and have a go! Best when giving the ornament with homemade goodies.
    :) irene

  3. I love the idea of just giving the four gifts mentioned in the link, and we are going to start that tradition this year. Thanks for sharing!

    (the real challenge though will be making sure relatives don't then give tons of gifts to the kids. Any tips on that are welcome)