Friday, December 10, 2010


I love this website about missed connections and it got me thinking...

Thirteen years ago, I could have easily had a missed connection. I went with a girlfriend to a local espresso shop (that is known not only for it's excellent coffee but also it's egotistical baristas) to get a late night cocoa during finals week. I recognized the guy behind the bar from a history class. What had caught my eye besides that cute smile? He was obviously the smartest student in the class, he was buds with the teacher Valor Pickett, and he wore obnoxious plaid flannel pajama pants to class.

Me: Hey we were in Valor Pickett's class together
Him: Long pause... oh yeah

I realized he didn't remember me. Gasp! He didn't remember me? But I had a cute smile! I was obviously the second most intelligent student in the class, I was on a first name basis with our teacher Valor Pickett,  and I wore comfortable but adorably well planned outfits to class. What do you mean he didn't remember me?!!?

The next afternoon I went in for a Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, french press cafe au lait. He was studying and eating dinner when I sat down next to him to chat while my coffee brewed for seven minutes. An hour later my coffee was cold, his dinner was old and we had just unknowingly met our soul mates.

The next night (okay, I was a bit of a coffee shop groupie) I went in again with a friend to get another cocoa and he was working again. They were packed. The line was to the door. He took our order and asked me if I could stick around for a couple of minutes. He placed a pad of paper and a pen on the bar beside us. We waited for a couple of minutes but the line only got longer. So...I wrote down my number and left. He called the next day and he still has that piece of paper in his wallet.

We could have so easily been a missed connection.

But here we are 13 years later, connected in so many ways.

Connected by our history,
by our vows,
by our two angels,
by our future.

And I wouldn't miss that for the world.
i love you hon. xoxo


  1. Happy 13th Anniversary of the day that you met. What a beautiful, interesting, humorous, and well written remembrance. May you have many wonderful years together. I love you both very much.
    Jan aka Ryan's mom

  2. "... always remember there is nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name." -- Avett Brothers (from Ryan)