Friday, December 3, 2010

Waldorf Holiday Faire

There are SO many wonderful fair(e)s taking place this weekend: Third Street Fair in SF, our local craft fair, etc. but while we were in our favorite store today, the owner, Julie and another mom were discussing how the Waldorf Faire is SO amazing and to be sure not to miss it. I have been wanting to go for three years now so finally I have it on my calendar. They will have lots of fun activities for the kids as well as a chance to do a little Christmas shopping. They even have trees, so this could be a "two birds with one stone" kind of adventure. We are a bit behind this year as traveling with two is proving to be much more difficult.

Hope to see you there but if not, what are your holiday plans this weekend?

When you get a chance, check out what our friends Kate and Riley are doing to celebrate the season. It is inspirational!

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  1. We may go to this too if we aren't at Pennisula School's Fair or Ardenwood's Fair. Everything seems to be happening this weekend! Love, Charlotte