Wednesday, February 13, 2013

a new smile

We have been battling the flu this week but I am so thankful! Thankful?

Since Gracie has been home sick from school, Emily and I were fortunate to be with her the moment she lost her "first" tooth! I say first in quotations because her actual first was taken from her after a little fall and ensuing infection. 

This one was eventful (lots of blood and spitting) and memorable (all while at the cashier at Peet's) but we have been all smiles.....all day! We will be celebrating with tomato soup of course.

She started making her tooth pillow as soon as we realized it was loose a couple of weeks ago. It took a long time for that little milk tooth to say goodbye. Telling for how hard it is to say goodbye to the baby days in her life. She really seems so different these days. More mature, confident and beautiful than ever before! It just keeps getting better and better here at the Coffee Cottage. xo

(and aren't you so curious to see what she chooses to get with her tooth fairy money? remember last time?)

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