Monday, March 22, 2010

A new smile


We had quite a scare this weekend. A friend was over Friday afternoon and while jumping on the bed there was too much excitement and Gracie fell off, chipping half of her front tooth. It was painful but she recovered quickly. Mama has been a mess however. Pass the tissue boxes please. Up at 1am Saturday morning, 3am Sunday, thinking what about her gorgeous smile (which didn't seem to happen as often) and her outgoing personality (which seemed to be hiding a bit.) Thankfully after calling Dr. Quo first thing this morning, he and his team were able to give us her smile back. She has been smiling and laughing ever since. She wanted the dentist to fix it right away so that she could eat apples and carrots again. We will have to cut them up into smaller pieces for a while but she is SO HAPPY. And to top it off, the tooth fairy even came last night and left TWO quarters under her pillow. Note that the tooth fairy loves to eat oranges so you can leave one or two out for her.

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