Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pigtails and Puddles

We are loving the sunshine these days. Seventy degrees for the next 10 days. If we are not at the frog pond, we will be at the garden. Yesterday we planted: suger snap peas, shelling peas, spinach, lacinato kale, siberian kale, silver chard, and we are trying to direct sow tomatoes (sungold and crimson carmello) in water tubes to compare the harvest with seedlings grown indoors. We also have radishes and carrots (Gracie's garden) that have sprouted already. Asparagus is scarce so we eat it all before we leave the garden. The strawberries look good so we hope to have a full crop this year. They also will not make it home. Tomorrow: lettuce, more direct sow tomatoes and maybe peppers. 

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