Friday, March 19, 2010

The garden plot is ours!

Hurray!!! We have permanently been assigned the garden bed that we have been coveting and temporarily using for the past three years. Now it is officially ours! Thank goodness as we have planted 68 tomato seeds (39 have germinated to date) and today started 75 pepper seeds. Now we will have room to plant some of them. Our friend Christoph also got a plot this year so I am excited to share with their family. His daughter is just a bit younger than Gracie. We also started melons and pumpkins at Gracie's request. It may be a bit early but we will see. Common Grounds recommends starting them in April so what is a week or two early. We'll just have to protect from slugs and earwigs.I may just buy a tomato seedling this weekend to plant right away as with the 77 degree weather I feel like we should be picking tomatoes sooner than later. Thank goodness for water tubes. They speed things up by a month or so.

Tomato Seedlings:
Matt's Wild Cherry
Super sweet 100
Sweet Gold
Crimson Carmello has not sprouted. 2009 packet may be a dud
Castaluto Genovese
Chadwicks Cherry
(I just realized I didn't start any romas so that is what I aim to find this weekend and maybe a dark tomato)

Planted today:
Baby Belle (small yellow and red bell snacking peppers?!?)
Earlydew Honeydew
Galia melon (cantelope-honeydew hybrid)
Solid Gold cantelope
Tuscan melon (from saved Roberts melon-I hope they work)

Next week:
Lettuce, Heirloom, "Merveille De Quatre Saisons" 
Sugar snap peas (our first round has sprouted)
more cabbage?
bok choy
broccoli rabe
purple carrots if I can find seeds!
babette carrots
sweet potatoes?

I also pulled an ad from Sunset or maybe OG for the "hummingbird annual collection" for a hanging basket or pot. GORGEOUS! But they were asking $45 for 6 plants. I am going to recreate it.
Fuchsia "Billy Green"
Begonia "Dragon Wing"
Coleus "Sedona" and "Strawberry Drop"
and Sweet Potato "Margarita"

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