Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What we're growing right now

Good news! Our tomato seedlings are doing great, even though Charlie got into the box and ate a few tops. We still have plenty of tomatoes to plant in the garden. The seeds we started at the garden (pumpkins, melons, peppers and okra) seem to be doing well. THe pumpkins, melons and akra have sprouted. We may need to bring the peppers inside for some warmer sprouting temperatures.
We pioneered behind our garden to add another 10x20 foot space. We will add lots of compost and then plant this area with corn, beans and squash using the three sisters method. Things are really good at the garden. Gracie's radishes are really growing well and she enjoys eating the sprouts we are thinning.
Hopefully next week we will build a berry trellis for the boysenberries we have and the ollalieberries and raspberries I want to transplant. Maybe we can add some blueberry bushes to that area too.

I do have a bit of envy however. I recently bought huge gorgeous beets at the farmer's market so I need to plant these MUCH earlier. Next year we really need to think about our winter planting plan. We also need to start seeds much earlier.

I also see that it would be eaasy to follow Stanford Shopping Center's flower plans. Their beds are gorgeous with coral snapdragons, purple tulips and purple lupines. We could just plant whatever they are planting year round and we would have instant beauty.

blueberry bushes

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