Monday, March 22, 2010

Tomato LOVE

So I had to break down and buy some BIG seedlings this weekend, due to gardener envy. We bought 6 Mamma Mias, 6 San Francisco Fog, 4 Green Grape, and 1 Sugargrape.

Note to self:
Your seedlings must be 4-6 inches tall by Spring Equinox in order to resist temptation.

The Farmers Market had so many tomatoes (even some with flowers $7), herbs, squash, peas, beans, etc, etc. No peppers yet
Is it really worth it to start seedlings at home? How much money do we really save?
OSH has a big backyard sale (25% off all plants) on Spring Equinox Saturday. Maybe just stock up there next year. They even had peppers which we could plant in water tubes or green house cover.

The FM is organic though so let's compare prices in the long run with heirloom vs big box.

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