Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Belly Love

29 weeks.

We are really looking forward to the new arrival in September! My energy is starting to wain so we are crossing our t's and dotting our i's. Plus my Braxton Hicks are so strong that I was starting to get worried I would go into early labor and wouldn't have everything "ready." I really should know better. This isn't my first pregnancy! 

We picked up the baby's car seat and Gracie is getting so excited to sit next to the baby. We were lucky to find the same one as her's which was tricky as it is a previous year's model. 

A friend gave us her moses basket and we love practicing with baby dolls. We are also looking into a baby hammock so that we get more rest this time (ha, ha) 

We are picking up a package of Tushies disposable newborn diapers for the hospital and those first meconium filled poos as well as more California Baby Super Sensitive products (body wash, lotion) which we also take to the hospital. No offense but they use the yuckiest petroleum products in the nursery, and on newborns! I guess that is why Johnson and Johnson, P&G, etc give them free samples. 

My mom is visiting this weekend so we will probably sort and wash some newborn neutral clothes. Maybe just a few pink things just in case. FUN! FUN! 

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