Thursday, June 3, 2010

Zucchini Penne

After having a BIG lunch at Zuni Cafe with Grammie, we all needed something light for supper. This was quick and so tasty. It would be good for a summer picnic too. We'll have all of the ingredients fresh from the garden by then. Grace picked out the Ronde de Nice and Eight Ball Zucchini at the farmers market.

Zucchini Penne:

olive oil
8 small zucchini

cook 12 oz whole wheat penne or other pasta

place in serving bowl:
LOTS of chopped basil
5 large roma tomatoes diced
parma grana
pine nuts

toss with cooked zucchini and pasta and serve.

**While eating dinner Gracie asked Grammie how long she was staying. Then she said "I want you to stay the same size week as Grandpa"

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