Monday, June 21, 2010

A Dirty Dinner

We harvested onions today! I am not sure if they were ready because some of the bulbs are quite small but I was ready to have the cucumber bed cleared out. We are going to call if the "salad bed" because we are planting cucumbers along the edges to grow up the trellis, and lettuce underneath which hopefully will be cooler to prevent bolting. And tomatoes are of course nearby. 

It is getting quite hot to garden during the day so if we can't get there early in the morning we enjoy eating a picnic dinner there in the summer months. Gracie and I created a special dinner for tonight that we thought we could share with the birds...Worm Pasta.

She broke the whole wheat spaghetti into worm size pieces while I made a simple bolognese sauce (which does look quite bland and dirty except for the fresh basil sprinkled on top) and I am hoping the bite sized pieces are easier for her to eat on the go too.

We also took a lemon vinaigrette and picked fresh lettuce for a salad from our bolting lettuce bed. It is getting bitter so we need to pull it up and plant new seedlings which is so hard as it is so beautiful.

And for dessert? Strawberries!

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