Friday, July 16, 2010

Crazy with Excitement

We are so excited about this arriving baby (52 days and counting each one of them) and the yummy little things that come with that...even diapers. Call me crazy, I know I will at 3 am in a few weeks, but I LOVE DIAPERS! I spend time standing in front of our changing station, stroking our new cotton prefolds (thanks mama), counting the old and researching the new (covers), arranging and rearranging diaper paraphernalia. And yes, I have even resorted to diapering Gracie's stuffed animals. Okay, maybe I'm going a little crazy.

She is in the bedroom for an hour of quiet time in lieu of an actual nap (insert heavy sigh here) and she is waiting patiently for the kitchen timer to go off. Then I hear this.....

"MAMA, I NEED A SNAPPI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

We are all crazy.  Crazy with excitement!!

***And I have never been prouder, as she was actually putting the diaper on correctly all by herself. It was a hair scarf but it was correct. (insert heavy, heart-filled sigh here)

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