Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Year Ago...

It is hard to believe that this was us a year ago. Ryan made a fire by our creek and we enjoyed the dwindling days of summer. Time goes by so fast. Now I have another human being growing inside of me and this time next year, the three of us will be enjoying the fire while papa adds another log or two. He is chopping wood as we speak. Good therapy, I tell you. Good therapy. If only I could make sure work doesn't call him in later tonight. He is looking forward to changing little diapers and chilly nights when we'll "need" him to build a fire for the growing family.

We had a great day celebrating our friend, Carolina's birthday. I actually left the house early this morning to head to Tiny Tots boutique in Campbell for their summer sale. Unfortunately, there wasn't much in Gracie's size (I stocked up last year and bought practically her entire wardrobe for $10 each.) I was hoping to have a one stop shopping spree this year but no such luck. I did find a couple of things for the baby...imagine that. And I got a two in one toilet seat, one big hole for adults and one little hole for kids. Gracie was beyond ecstatic about that. Adorable clothing vs. a toilet seat. Who knew?

After playing hard at the party we came home and all three rested a bit. I do love nap time!
Then off the dinner at Oaxacan Kitchen aka Chicken. They are selling the restaurant to spend more time with their kids but they will still be at farmer's markets and on their new taco truck. They will also start cooking classes again and trips to Oaxaca. What a dream! When I pointed to my belly they understood that we can't join them for a few years. Maybe a class or two though. Handmade tortillas? Mole Negro? Tamales? Count me in! I may just have a baby or two hanging onto me. That's how they cook in Mexico though so it should work out just fine.

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