Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Spring Cleaning :: Under the Kitchen Sink

**Let me preface by saying that this was probably THE most rewarding organizing. This is the most commonly used area, and usually the most cluttered, so I should start here next time. Next time?

Before: YIKES!

During: I took everything out and cleaned the shelf. Maggie (above) helped quite a bit.

After: I installed another wire storage shelf for dishwasher soap, Gracie's soaps, lotions, etc.
(Someday we will have a real bathtub !?!) 

What do we keep under the kitchen sink? I remember reading a great article years ago on exactly that, I believe in Martha Stewart Living. We keep only items we regularly use. All others go into the laundry room. Our list includes: compost, trash, recycling, Charlie's soap to clean (on left), vinegar, extra dish soap, a few flower vases (for our weekly farmer's market bouquet, the ones Gracie picks for me, or this hybrid of market dhalias and wild sweet peas that she picked)

and of course bubbles.

Bubbles? Yes, bubbles! These are our favorite which have been around in Germany since 1948. We always have them handy.

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