Monday, July 12, 2010

A Wonderful Resource

We installed the baby' carseat yesterday, facing the "wrong direction" Gracie would add. George (the sock monkey, and honey bunny (her most beloved) both rode in it today. Gracie noticed that I did not have the babies entirely buckled in. Good practice big sis. 

Then she held George's hand for our adventures today. More good practice big sis.

We headed into the city today (Ryan took the morning off since he worked all weekend) to one of our favorite baby shops--Natural Resources. This place is such a wonderful resource full of natural baby products. Gracie picked out a few birthday presents for the baby: a bird's eye maple teether from multiplemediums, a cherry teether from Camden Rose, and a baby sleepy frog from miYim. Nana gave her the large "sleepy frog" awhile ago and my dear friend and mama mentor, Anne, recommended matching gifts for the baby and big sis, so when we saw the itty bitty version of one of G's favorite animal babies, it was a no brainer.

We also bought a new changing pad from Naturepedic. It is made out of organic cotton and free of PVC and other chemicals in normal pads. When I look at how much diaper time (UGH!) that the baby spends on that pad is it well worth the investment. We multitask with our changing pad, using it as a co-sleeping pad in those first itty bitty days, as well as a play cushion with our much loved Selecta Musina wooden play gym (best baby toy ever!!!)

I had to get a couple of adorable  and warm newborn outfits from Under the Nile. Soft organic cotton, kimono style for ease in dressing a floppy newborn, and hand covers for those long but tiny nails. Under the Nile sets up a sale booth at the Green Festival and we always stock up there but I am so glad that Natural Resources carries this affordable, organic brand as well.

We picked up a reusable diaper pail bag and as I was washing the diaper pail this afternoon, the hose broke and a high pressure blast got me soaking wet. What is up with all of this water up the nose?!!?

More good practice I suppose.

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