Sunday, April 18, 2010

And then there were four

I have always loved chairs. As we have traveled around the world (more like up and down the world) I am always drawn to chairs to photograph. Odd. I know. I have especially always loved adirondack chairs. Ryan's father has had the plans and wood "curing" to make us some for years now, so Ryan decided to order these lovelies while we wait for the ones from Grandpa. He put them together yesterday and they are fabulous.
To top things off, as we were driving to the garden yesterday, we drove by a remodeling dumpster in a neighbors driveway and I spotted the top arch of an adirondack chair (like I said I love chairs and have a hawk's eye for them). Sure enough, they were tossing two chairs that were in great condition. we have four beauties--two of them for home, and two for our home away from home, the garden.
It was a VERY good day!

The lilacs are for my grandma. They were her favorite.

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  1. I picked lilacs in memory of your grandma just before reading this! Loving thoughts move through time and across mile. I love you, Mama