Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What we're growing right now

We started some new seeds yesterday and found a new seed company that we really like: Botanical Interests. It is a family run business in Colorado. My only complaint is that I can't copy the beautiful seed package drawings to paste here.

 See what I mean?

We started:

Blue Kale
Chinese Kale

Moon and stars watermelon
Chanterais melon
Hall's Best cantelope

Gracie also picked out:
Carnival Blend Carrots (orange, purple, pink, yellow, white)
Jarrahdale Pumpkins: which we planted in the three sisters garden
Acorn Squash: planted
Broccoli sprouting seeds: currently sprouting

We also picked up and planted more tomato seedlings after all of the seedlings that I transplanted from home were eaten this week.

4 Green Zebra
2 Black Krim (which I hear is the best)
3 Sungold (best cherry)

and 4 red million bells for the front hanging baskets.

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