Saturday, April 17, 2010

What we're growing right now

Let me start by saying it is going to be 77 degrees today. Are we in heaven?

We were busy planting more seeds (in flats) this week before rain arrives Tuesday and Wednesday, hopefully giving the garden a good soak. I made a list of the vegetables we have to date and counted 63. I intend to make a harvest list as well for comparison.

Lemon heirloom
Armenian heirloom
Pickling Endeavor
Persian Green Fingers (Gracie's favorite at TJ's)
Satsuki Madori

French Baby Leeks
Seasoning Celery
Butterfly Bush (the smallest seeds I have ever seen)
Bok Choy
Bull's Blood Beets

We also added some Collards seedlings from our neighbor gardener Jeff. Collards are one of my favorite greens, being from the south, so I need to order seeds for our collection as well.


  1. The cucumbers have sprouted! It took a while
    Beets are really doing well and the fennel and leeks have just opened.
    Bok Choy sprouted quickly but nothing from butterfly bush or celery

  2. We just put the first set of seedlings in the ground today to grow up trellises. We'll grow dill and lettuce (which will like the shade) under and around them.