Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Raised Beds

There is a great article from Sunset about the perfect raised bed.

We are going to do a modified version of this in our garden, first starting with placing just sides to our raised mounds. Then maybe next year, we will start converting our to raised beds with protection underneath from ground squirrels, mice, etc.
The only problem with this design is that they use PVC which is loaded with so many chemicals, chemicals that you DO NOT want near your homegrown/organic veggies. I found a revision with copper tubing from Diggin Food that would be better.

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  1. Brook:
    I absolutely love your blog. The photos of Gracie reveal a curiosity and excitement that cannot help but be contagious to all who view them. Though it most likely is not in the cards for me to utilize your diaper innovations, I can tell you with certainty that the appetites of myself and those I love with benefit from your shared culinary expertise. To quote Julia Child....."Bon Appetit"