Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Lettuce Forest

After failing miserably at direct sowing lettuce seeds in the garden, but be tired of spending so much on delicious organic lettuce, I broke down and bought 8 six packs of lettuce last weekend at OSH's BOGO sale. Now we have a beautiful bed of 48 lettuce heads (Lollo Rossa, Red Butterhead, Butter and Salad Bowl) but I still intend to grow (in flats this time) the delicious heirloom "Merveille De Quatre Saisons" as well as this heirloom cutting mix which includes:  Speckled Troutback, Blush Butter Cos, Red Ruffled Oak, Green Devil's Tongue, and crisp Sucrine. Gracie refers to herself as a lettuce monster by the way so we need to have LOTS of lettuce.

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