Sunday, May 16, 2010

Basic Black Beans and Chilaquiles

We bought epazote to put in the garden this week but I was pleasantly surprised today when I found a volunteer plant in the strawberry/asparagus bed to harvest from for this. This is a basic bean recipe revised from Rick Bayless (LOVE him) that every mexican household always has brewing. I put the beans in the slow cooker this morning and added the onion when we got back from the garden.

Basic Black Beans:
3 cups dried black beans
7 cups water
cook on low in slow cooker 6 hours or until tender
1 onion
2 Tsps olive oil until golden brown
add to beans with
1 spring epazote
1 tsp salt
cook on low 1 hour

remove half of the beans for Gracie and other meals

add 2 chipotle chiles in adobe (which I always have in the freezer) diced
remove epazote sprig
bend with immersion blened to make it a bit soupy
add 8 corn tortillas cut into pieces (I LOVE the TJ's handmade tortillas and try to have them in the freezer)
cover and cook until tender

serve with creme fraiche/sour cream/yogurt drizzled over
crumbled feta
diced avocado

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