Monday, May 3, 2010

DIY Diaper Wipes

I am going to try, really try, not to use disposable wipes with the little one arriving in September. If we can do cotton diapers, we can do cotton wipes can't we? We have gone back and forth with Gracie but now we use some bumgenius flannel wipes with California Baby diaper spray at home and Nature Baby wipes for on the road. I really want to try to have a stockpile of these soaking and ready for the diaper changes to come.

There are lots of DIY wipe solutions out there but we are going to try this recipe (from SouleMama)

Diaper Wipe Solution:
1 Tsp baby castile soap
1 Tsp almond oil (jojoba oil) I may omit this for ease in washing with cloth diapers.
1 drop tea tree oil
1 drop lavender essential oil (may omit for newborn)
3/4 cup water
change everyweek


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  2. Brook, I love your posts! I am all with you about not using wipes on the babies. With all three of my kids, I cleaned their bottoms only with water and baby soft cloths until they were one. Even now for poopy diapers, if I'm at home, I still wash the twins at the sink (and they are 1.5 years old).