Friday, May 21, 2010

What we're growing right now

We planted these Trombetta seeds yesterday in the garden. It is an Italian heirloom squash that has a mild artichoke flavor. It is a climber so we are growing it up a trellis as well as along a fence. 

Two of our other favorite squash/zucchini have sprouted in the three sisters garden and are growing nicely--Romanesco and Ronde de Nice.

We are going to plant two Zapotec tomatoes today as well at three Matt's Wild Cherries. Then our tomato beds may be full. On to eggplant and peppers! 

We had a great day with Ryan yesterday for his birthday. It was pretty much a perfect day. He rode his long board the two miles down our road on our way into town. Then we had brunch at our favorite cafe. We planted some seeds at the garden while he rested in his adirondack and then we had dinner with our favorite neighbors. Unfortunately he had to go back to work at 9 pm until 4 am so he is resting now but we had two sweet days to celebrate his past 34 years and the many more to come. 

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