Saturday, May 15, 2010

Perfect afternoon light and Pantry Pasta

I'm not posting this photo for the pasta ingredients as much as to try to capture how amazing the light is this time of day through my kitchen window. I just put fuchsia and pink million bells in the baskets yesterday and a hummingbird already found it today. What a view while doing dishes!
It is 5:45 and Gracie is still napping so I am whipping up another pantry pasta--this time it mimics my favorite pizza with artichoke hearts, feta and garlic. I'll toss it with egg pappardelle and fresh oregano. Not fresh at all but we are stocking up at the FM tomorrow and will eat the rest of our, yes OUR greens tonight in a salad with vinaigrette.

Pantry Pasta:
8 oz pappardelle 10-12 minutes

olive oil
2 cloves garlic
artichoke hearts 14 oz
a handful of rinsed kalamatas

toss with chopped oregano, 
4 oz feta

garnish with chopped tomatoes on top or sliced sun dried 

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  1. Brook, This is a BEAUTIFUL blog. I have really enjoyed looking through it. Inspiring. Wonderful to see Gracie growing...I miss her (and you, of course!) I so wish she and Grace could play together...I have a feeling they would be quite dear to one another. Thinking of you and hope to see you soon. love, A