Monday, May 31, 2010

Canon DSLR Error 99

FIXED! I just saved $300 by fixing an error 99 message myself instead of sending it to Canon via Keeble and Shuchat. Maybe I'll get under the car to fix the muffler next...oh yeah, belly won't fit :-)

Imagine my shock when the camera locked the other day as we are arriving at the Academy of Sciences to play with dear friends. I am ecstatic as one day away from the camera is torture. Even if I don't take a picture all day it is the fact that I CAN'T take a picture that pains me.

So for all you Canon DSLR lovers out there...

It worked! I used a pencil eraser on the lens connections (upside down to keep debris from falling into the body) on both the lens and body. I am also charging the battery but it works again!!

Now off to the park to play with friends and of take some pictures!

This is one of my favorites from another CAS trip.

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