Friday, May 7, 2010

Refrigerator Roundup

We live in a small house. Very small. We love it though and it is fun getting creative with storage solutions.  I had Ryan build this lazy susan for the top of the fridge to hold my Le Parfait jars full of our most used dried goods. It is SO useful and also quite pretty. Much better than gathering dust bunnies.

My largest jars are for the items we use the most: pinto beans, brown rice, quinoa. The medium jars are for other legumes and grains. I recently added the adorable small jars to hold bulk teas: Rooibos, earl grey, chamomile, herbal chai and hibiscus. 

I started using mostly loose leaf tea from the health food store because it is so much less expensive and I was sick of all of the waste from the numerous tea bags we were consuming. Not to mention that loose tea tastes better as it is only the top quality leaves, not sticks and twigs.

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